Lawn Painting

Yes, I am officially one of those people who painted their lawn green.

Last week I received an email "reminder" from my property management company that per the lease, tenants are responsible for keeping the lawn green. Given that Folsom Lake is likely going to fall below its intake, leaving a half million people reliant upon water that is literally going to be pumped by barges INTO the intake this fall (including me!), I thought it was stupid to keep a lawn green. I barely water it and it looks drought stressed AS IT SHOULD. Because you know I'd like to have drinking water over a green lawn but MAYBE THAT'S JUST ME.

My devious inner child was like you want me to have a green lawn? OH I'LL HAVE A GREEN LAWN ALRIGHT.

So I bought some specialty lawn paint made expressly for this purpose and I painted my back lawn.



Just starting

Used 8oz at this point

Another view

Because my sprayer sucked and I kept having to take it apart



Another after shot

Not bad

This looked like straw before, totally dormant

Much greener

And once more



This project would have been much easier had I had a pump sprayer that hadn't kept clogging. It took about 4 hours including making a trip to Home Depot and buy a new sprayer half way through. It was pretty easy, but tedious. I bought this brand paint from Amazon, and when it first arrived earlier this week I didn't realize what a tiny little bottle it was. So I had another one shipped to me. It took exactly 16 ounces of the paint mixed with 2.5 gallons of water for me to achieve this level of coverage of my lawn.

And PS - If this was my house, I wouldn't give two shits about having a green lawn. I'd focus more on keeping the trees and shrubs alive since grass can go dormant, but trees and shrubs can't.

If you're planning on this project, here are my recommendations:

-Buy a larger size of the paint even if you don't plan to use it all. It's better than running out half way through and needing more. I'd recommend 32 ounces or larger.

-Have a good pump sprayer AND a backup just in case. I finished around my pavers with a small quart-sized hand sprayer.

-Like reviewers on Amazon said, a decent, economical ratio is 8oz. of paint to 1.25 gallons of water. Don't push it above this because it won't have much color. When I do it again (you have to do it quarterly), I'll use the 8oz/1 gallon ratio or less. That would be a much lusher green color than this.

-Only mix a gallon at a time. My two gallon sprayer worked great on the top end, but had issues when it got below a gallon. Easier to just use a gallon size sprayer and avoid that issue entirely.

-Know that it will take some time, especially if you run into issues with your pump sprayer.

-Be careful about getting it on pavers and concrete. It is paint, after all.

I planned on doing this at a previous home but was intimidated by the prep and cautions listed on the paint. Don't be. This is simple, has almost zero odor, and is an easy way to get your property management company (or neighbors) off your back.

Update: It looks better in less harsh light


I was angry yesterday. I blame it on the full moon.

I was telling a friend today that I knew I was going to have to apologize for how I reacted to my prescription being denied, and I was OK with that. I apologized on twitter today.

Last night my insurance company got in touch and empathized with my frustration, and gave me a link to enter my information into so they could review my file and see what was going on. I received a phone call early this afternoon from one of their Team Shield support staff explaining that they hadn't received all of the information necessary from my doctor's office, and gave me an 800 number to pass along to them.

I called my doctor's office and they had record that all of the required information made it over, but it appears that now we can say it was stuck out there in the ether somewhere. They made a few phone calls and within an hour they called me back saying it was all straightened out and I should be able to pick up my prescription after work. I was happy, but until I held it in my hand, I was skeptical.

It was filled!

The same pharmacist who told me yesterday to call my doctor said today, "Wow, $50! That's expensive." I know he was trying to make conversation but I wanted to punch him. I told him it was better than paying retail! I'm still paying $1.34 per pill and it's worth it to feel like a human being again. $50 a month is cheap to feel good. I'm happy to pay it.

Thanks again to Blue Shield for seeing me through my illness back in 2010, and stepping up to make this situation right.

Hooray Bystolic!


This has been a crazy 10 days. There is big news on the house front. I've been on call for work three of the past five weeks and am not getting much sleep (but am making crazy money and have more than paid my annual salary many times over recently). I've had some creepy people issues in my life (the Universe testing my boundaries). And finally today my insurance denied one of the medicines that has changed my life. Plus it's a full moon, so there's that.

Enough. Is. Enough.

For years I didn't have a voice. This blog helped me find it. But this was one of the only places I could be honest and share my truth. I'm happy to say that today I use my voice and it's coming out in a roar.

First, this weekend a person who has been trying to be my friend but I didn't get a good vibe from totally went ballistic on me over text after cancelling on her (because her crazy was showing, so, good on me), and she unleashed a couple days worth of attempted passive-aggressive guilt tripping texts, I called her out on it, then she sent me the most insane long ass text message basically gaslighting me and telling me it was my bad. Bitch said what? Yeah, that shit doesn't fly in my house anymore. AND THAT'S HOW I KNOW I'M GETTING HEALTHIER. I was even gracious about it:

"You know, given our recent communications this is not a relationship I care to engage in. I wish you all the best."

Today just because someone wants to be friends with me doesn't mean I let them in.

Bye Felicia.

I was already teetering on the edge of feeling a little off (gurrl needs her sleep) when I walked into my pharmacy this afternoon to pick up the drug I have been fighting with my insurance company to cover and they said my insurance company denied it being filled (for the SECOND time), and I should check with my doctor. I kept my composure until I got into my truck in the parking lot, and my hands started shaking.

I got home and tweeted the following rant:

The formulary said I had to be on two different beta blockers before they would cover Bystolic, I complied. Was on one for 5+ years, and another for a week and a half before I was like, funk dis. Called my doc, who called it in, and they denied it. I played by their rules and they were like, "Oh sorry about that. The rules were made up." I bet I had to be on the other one for more than a week and a half. Yeah, not gonna happen.

Never in a million years did I think I would be thanking drug reps publicly on my blog, but this is my life.
I would take a nap in my truck every day over my lunch hour. Did this for years. Had to, otherwise I wouldn't be able to function and have any semblance of a social life after work. And even then, it was super limited.
I am just coming into my own at work, and even my coworkers have noticed my improved stamina, body temperature regulation, and mental acuity. Hello, I JUST USED THE WORD ACUITY.
I can't believe I felt like shit for so long.
The joke I was going to make was, "Thanks to @BlueShieldCA for covering Viagra so elderly men can fuck their mistresses." but then thought that there are folks out there who feel like Viagra has changed their lived just as I feel Bystolic has changed mine. So I saved that special tweet for y'all.
I was trembling after writing this because I was SO MAD. I also know that a squeaky wheel gets greased and my insurance company has an online presence, so it would just be a matter of time before they contacted me. (See this link for full rant and all replies including theirs.) This was my public airing of grievances in the hopes I wouldn't have to call their customer service number and talk to a robot representative who would once again deny me. They did contact me and actually had a human response, which was a nice change. Never underestimate how much your customers appreciate being heard.

I did notice their ears perk up when I said I'd been on the drug. Yes, THANK GOODNESS FOR DOCS WHO GIVE A SHIT AND DRUG SAMPLES THAT ACTUALLY WORK.

So anyways, stay tuned. Returning to regular programming shortly. And big news with pictures too!