Monday, July 27, 2015


It seems fitting that I am writing this post today. It's been two years to the day from when I left Auburn and struck out on my own, ending a relationship I found myself spiraling in. I've spent the last couple years finding myself and a new life in the process. It's wild how much things can change in just a couple years time.

I haven't written much lately because I have been exhausted. While my stamina is much improved from a year ago, this has been an emotionally exhausting process. I have had to accept that buying a house on my own is awesome, terrifying, and unexpected. I have had to accept that this isn't how I thought I would look and it dredged up a lot of feelings about not having a partner.

The fan on my personal laptop broke (I am writing this from my work laptop while on vacation - I took a week off to rest and unpack). I took for granted how in the past I've had live-in help for these sorts of things. I looked up how to fix it, and basically I have to take apart my whole computer to replace the fan, which I can do but it brings up the feeling that as a single person I have to be a Renaissance woman and be the master of all things. It's not really about the laptop fan, it's about resiliency.

OK, leather up*, enough whining.

I've been swinging away at getting things crossed off my to-do list the past week or so. I put up (too-short) blinds in the living room.

Remember kids, measure twice.
Since the house was renovated and flipped prior to me moving in, all of the tile and granite is new. I took the opportunity to seal all of the floors and counters, taking special care of the grout. I don't ever want to have to get on my hands and knees to scrub grout with a toothbrush again (shudders at memories of brown grout that was actually white in the KITCHEN of all places). Sealing the grout seemed like a no-brainer. Home Depot sells 511 Impregnating Sealer and I highly recommend it. I used a Shure-Line painting pad for the tile, and foam brushes for the grout. I haven't even used 3/4 of the bottle yet, and only have the kitchen left to do! My trick is that I pour a little line of the sealant directly on to the paint pad or foam brush. And it stinks like mineral spirits, so I would recommend good ventilation.

All of the tile in my house is this inexpensive ceramic tile, and it takes the sealant really well

After you apply the sealer, you wait a few minutes and then buff it off. I am still working on the floors, doing a little at a time. I didn't bother buffing the floors or tile shower walls in the bathrooms, and it's holding up really nicely.

It beads right off!

As I work in the house more and more, I fall in love with it more every day. I thought the last house I lived in was nice, but this place and its craftmanship puts the beautiful rental (except the backyard) to shame! The flippers did a really nice job, and the house had a lot of built-ins already.

That's it for today.

*I saw Derek say this online and it is totally perfect. Stealing for personal use!

Friday, July 24, 2015


I'm kind of embarrassed to tell you how many times I've moved in the past few years...

December 2009 - Moved from my marital home in Folsom to an apartment down the street due to my divorce. I hate apartments.

July 2010 - Moved from the apartment to a cute two bedroom bungalow rental in Folsom down the street from my work. I loved that place.

November 2011 - Moved from the cutest bungalow with the best landlord ever to Auburn to live with the boyfriend I had at the time. Should have known better.

July 2013 - Moved from Auburn to an apartment in Roseville because I needed a place to live ASAP since I broke up with said boyfriend. I still hate apartments.

October 2014 - Moved from apartment to nice rental house across the street. Literally, across the street.

July 2015 - Moving from current rental house into home I own.

Doing the math, this will be my 6th move in 5 years and 8 months.

Since I left the home I grew up in to live on my own, I haven't lived in the same place for more than three years. My soul is craving home, and putting down roots. I think a big part of why I've moved so many times is because I haven't felt moored since losing my home in 2009 due to my divorce.

Moved the most important things yesterday

I can't tell you how excited I am to have a place that is all mine. I've made a lot of sacrifices for other people over the past few years, and I'm ready to really live life on my terms. I didn't compromise on the house I wanted. This is a home I can grow into, spread out in, and where I can be myself. I've learned that I really like the woman I am, and I can say I am my own best friend and biggest advocate. I've walked the road, done the work, and accept nothing less in my life these days. And frankly, a big part of this is me being done with half-assed men. Shots fired! My declaration to the Universe that I'm doing this on my own, not accepting applications, and ready to work my ass off again.

(Also, I'm exhausted and can hardly spell or put together a sentence. Forgive me if this post doesn't make a lot of sense).

Sunday, July 19, 2015

My House

The last 60-something days have been a whirlwind.

I decided on May 14 that I was done renting and I was going to buy a house, I didn't care what it took. I walked down the path and did the footwork; it turns out you CAN get a loan even if you have a foreclosure, I just had to sign my name in blood and do other bad things and throw a ton of money at it. Viola! Homeowner again!

A couple thousand square foot house, fully updated inside, on a half acre that is a total blank slate.

I know.


It was the only house I looked at, escrow took 3 weeks and 2 days.

Talk about whirlwind.

Without further ado...

I'm tired, I'm overwhelmed, I'm exhausted, I'm excited, I'm ready.

Bring on the callouses.